Couch to 10k – Week 4

This week has been hard…

Week 4 Day 1:
Repeat 11 times: jog 2 minutes and walk 3 minutes

Day 2:
Repeat 9 times: jog 2 minutes and walk 3 minutes

Day 3:
Repeat 10 times: jog 2 minutes and walk 3 minutes

On day one I felt motivated and initially strong, but started flagging towards the end.

Day two felt really difficult. I didn’t feel motivated to jog and my legs felt like lead weights.

Day three (today) I overindulged on a Chinese buffet lunch and again didn’t feel like jogging. My legs felt ok but breathing was difficult in the last fifteen seconds of each jog.

But, I did it! I’m pleased to have finished another week.

I have noticed that mental attitude seems to play a huge part with running. If you feel negative, it feels more like a struggle. I admire all you long distance runners out there, because not only are you physically strong, you must also have amazing mental endurance.

So, I would be interested to know, what do you do to maintain a positive mental attitude to your running?


Week 1 Day 3 (Couch to 10k)

Well, week one is now complete! Hooray!

Day 3 was the same one minute jogging / one and a half minute walking schedule. I set the treadmill to 1% incline which apparently helps when transferring from treadmill to road (don’t know if that’s true).

At the end of the workout I still had a little energy left and decided to jog for as long as I could. I started off jogging at 4mph and managed to jog for four minutes but I had to drop the speed to 3.7mph for the last two minutes as my breathing my becoming ragged.

Breathing when jogging has always been a concern. Will this improve with fitness?

There’s no doubt that exercise improves the mood and is a great stress reliever. I definitely feel calmer, content and enthused to start week two!