Have I turned a corner?

Since my last post back in February, my life has been pretty hectic.  In March I went back to University as I am currently completing a year long course to convert from a nurse to become a health visitor.  My life has been consumed by study and essay writing!  So I’m counting down the months until life returns to normal.

In August I had a few weeks annual leave and my fiancé and I went to Bulgaria for a week.  I was desperately dieting prior to going as I have major hang ups about my chubby legs! My weight dropped a few pounds to just under nine stone, but I still felt self conscious of my legs and insisted on sitting around the pool in board shorts!

Anyway, while I was there I felt super crap about myself as there were women parading around with their super toned bodies wearing thongs! So, I have decided that I am fed up with feeling like this and I am now ultra motivated to do something about it.  On my honeymoon next year, I don’t want to be wearing my board shorts.  I want to wear bikini bottoms (not a thong!) and be able to walk around confidently! I want toned legs….

So, upon return from holiday I started doing pilates (check out blogilates.com).  I am currently working through the beginners calendar and jeez does it hurt! The first week I did it six days in a row and it felt like every muscle in my body was hurting!  Last week I started jogging again on my treadmill too. Hooray!  I ditched C25K earlier in the year and decided that this time I didn’t want to use it.  I felt too pressured by it.  This time I wanted to go with my body, stop giving myself a hard time and just enjoy jogging.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. I set the treadmill for thirty minutes (4 mph) and then record my jogging times on my phone. Last week I started jogging at intervals of 8,5,5 minutes and on 27th August managed 11,5,4,3 (23 mins). Then yesterday I jogged for 20 minutes, walked for 2, then jogged for 8 minutes!!!! I really don’t know how I have done that as I’ve only been back on the treadmill for two weeks. All I can put this down to is the pilates? Has working on my core strength complimented the jogging?

When I was doing the C25K I was really hung up on my breathing. In fact I felt like an asthmatic and was starting to wonder if I had sports induced asthma.  But, breathing doesn’t seem to be a problem now either.  I feel like I am breathing deeper from lungs and maintaining a steady rhythm.

So, is this the pilates? Or is this psychological because I have stopped giving myself a hard time?

I’m looking forward to my next run early in the week. If I don’t manage to jog for longer, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. The good thing is that I’m doing something good for my body. That’s all that matters.