Couch to 10k – Week 4

This week has been hard…

Week 4 Day 1:
Repeat 11 times: jog 2 minutes and walk 3 minutes

Day 2:
Repeat 9 times: jog 2 minutes and walk 3 minutes

Day 3:
Repeat 10 times: jog 2 minutes and walk 3 minutes

On day one I felt motivated and initially strong, but started flagging towards the end.

Day two felt really difficult. I didn’t feel motivated to jog and my legs felt like lead weights.

Day three (today) I overindulged on a Chinese buffet lunch and again didn’t feel like jogging. My legs felt ok but breathing was difficult in the last fifteen seconds of each jog.

But, I did it! I’m pleased to have finished another week.

I have noticed that mental attitude seems to play a huge part with running. If you feel negative, it feels more like a struggle. I admire all you long distance runners out there, because not only are you physically strong, you must also have amazing mental endurance.

So, I would be interested to know, what do you do to maintain a positive mental attitude to your running?



3 thoughts on “Couch to 10k – Week 4

  1. I’m no long distance runner, but recently completed C25K and found that I enjoyed it most when I just relaxed. Some days I would get competitive with myself and try to run harder, but if I was struggling I’d just try to relax, slow down and admire the view.
    Keep at it. You’re doing great! 🙂

  2. I go to gym for cardio and weights. When I first started I was soooo enthusiastic and was determined to do it all, got overwhelmed and tired and stopped. I had a talk to myself and told myself not to take it all so seriously. I have to drive to the gym and on the days I didn’t feel like it I told myself just go there, do one thing and come back home. I have ended up enjoying those days a lot and have always done more than I ever thought I was going to do. Relax, your doing great. Just think, there are thousands of people out there doing nothing, YOU ARE. Happiness in relaxing your thoughts. xx

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