Week 1 Day 3 (Couch to 10k)

Well, week one is now complete! Hooray!

Day 3 was the same one minute jogging / one and a half minute walking schedule. I set the treadmill to 1% incline which apparently helps when transferring from treadmill to road (don’t know if that’s true).

At the end of the workout I still had a little energy left and decided to jog for as long as I could. I started off jogging at 4mph and managed to jog for four minutes but I had to drop the speed to 3.7mph for the last two minutes as my breathing my becoming ragged.

Breathing when jogging has always been a concern. Will this improve with fitness?

There’s no doubt that exercise improves the mood and is a great stress reliever. I definitely feel calmer, content and enthused to start week two!



5 thoughts on “Week 1 Day 3 (Couch to 10k)

  1. I tired a few techniques but in the end I got to the point where it resolved itself as my fitness improved. I tend to forget about it until it goes wrong and then I practice a technique to get air (remove cramp) and then forget about it again. Although I do become aware of my breathing when approaching others so I don’t startle them!

    • I’m hoping that mine will improve with fitness too, but I will give the technique in the video link above from theblogrunner a try. I think I need to try to forget about my breathing, because thinking about it seems to make it more erratic!

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