‘Leave me Alone’ art journal page

This was a quick page that was inspired by my day job.  At work I am disturbed every five minutes by someone asking me questions, the phone etc; which I find really frustrating because it is impossible to get anything done or to concentrate.

I would love some peace and quiet; to have time to think and for everyone to just leave me alone!



5 thoughts on “‘Leave me Alone’ art journal page

  1. There is a little more to that sentiment to: “Leave me alone….I wanna go home.” With the muppets singing “Leave me alone.” this piece avoids putting people off. It’s cute but gets the point across. Or are the muppets the people distracting you?

    • I think it relates to both aspects that you describe. It is both my avoidance to not tell people and also the muppets making too much noise! They really need to quit singing sometimes! Thank you very much for following and commenting on my blog.x

      • Yes, you’ve subscribed to it and thanks. “The Enchanted Dress Shop”. I’ve got others, too. You can click the ABOUT link to find the rest. My interests are all over the place so each one goes to a different blog.

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