Tweaking Twyla….The next steps

I decided that I wanted Twyla’s hair to be curly, so purchased some white Wemsleydale fleece from EBay which was supplied in a bundle and the curls had to be carefully separated. As her skin is a blue/ purple colour, I thought white would look quite striking. I’m thinking of an Ice Queen type style for her new image.


I made my own re-rooting tool using a sewing needle with the top of the eye cut off (one side needs to be longer than the other), which I clamped into a tool that I have for hair extensions. If you have a craft cutter, this would also be suitable to clamp the needle into the cross section. The hair for re-rooting is then pushed into the fork of the needle which needs to be pulled taught and then pushed through the plug holes on the dolls head. Please check out YouTube for some really good videos about different rooting methods.


I had previously painted her scalp white, but she has so much hair, this probably wasn’t necessary.


I worked my way along the bottom of her head inserting the new hair and trimming away the excess inside. As it won’t be possible to brush her hair, I will place some flexible glue inside the head which will hopefully be enough to hold it in place. I worked most of the holes inserting new plugs of crazy white curls, but I’ve left some at the front unplugged for the moment, because I need space to insert her eyes and lashes.

I’m loving her big bouffant hair! What do you think so far?



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