Monster High Makeover

All I can say is poor Twyla! On Saturday, I took a deep nervous breath and said goodbye to my Monster High doll as she previously looked. I was very apprehensive about doing this, in case I completely ruin her, but there’s no going back now.

The first job was to wrap the dolls body in cling film and remove her face. I used nail polish remover (acetone) with cotton buds and cotton wool balls. The dolls body was protected with Cling Film because apparently the body starts to break down in contact with Acetone. On the face the paint kind of smears as you swab it, but this isn’t a problem as you just remove it with more acetone. After all the paint was removed I washed her face with soap and water.



Next, I cut off her hair as short as I could (careful of her ears!) and then her head had to be removed. There are two ways that this can be done:

1. Blowing a hot Hair dryer around her neck area.
2. unking her head in boiling hot water (kids please ensure you are supervised by an adult).

I chose the hair dryer option. It took three or four blasts of hot hair and the head removed in stages. You need to be careful when doing this, as there is a plastic piece in the neck which could break if you pull it too hard and without enough heat to soften the vinyl.



The next stage is the worst bit! The dolls hair was held in place with glue, which I started off trying to remove by sticking tweezers in through the tiny neck hole. I didn’t have much luck with this method, so then put the hair dryer on her head to soften the glue. Once softened I managed to pull out large lumps of glue, but it was a slow process which didn’t result in vast quantities of hair coming out. By this point my fingers were getting sore, so I dunked the head in boiling water which resulted in further lumps coming out, but there was still lots of hair attached. As I am planning on putting in new glass eyes, I decided to cut the top of the scalp off so that I could remove the rest of the hair and get to the eye sockets.



I was shocked how much glue was left inside the head!

I did this by simply drawing a pencil line around where I was going to cut. I tried to draw the line in between the plug holes so that I could preserve as many plugs as possible. Then using a craft knife, cut around the line. I used more acetone to remove the factory green paint on her head.


Now this was scary! I drew around the part that I wanted to cut away with a pencil and then cut out each eye with the craft knife. I cut really slowly to avoid slipping and cutting into her face. I didn’t manage to cut both eyes totally symmetrical but I am happy with the end result.


I will post again soon with the next steps!



7 thoughts on “Monster High Makeover

  1. WOW! I haven’t been brave enough to attempt this on any of my girls, so far, but I have some ideas that might just require me to do so soon! I can’t wait to see how this progresses! Thanks for posting this, and for the follows 🙂

    • Thank you too for following. I really recommend having a go at this, it’s really scary but great fun watching the doll transforming! Plus, your design ideas could also be art journal pages! I will post more soon. Thanks again for your lovely comments. x

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