Monster Madness!

I have had a fascination with fashion dolls for a while now and have been debating buying a Blythe or Pullip doll.  Anyone that is interested in them will know that they are expensive, so I started hunting around for a cheaper doll that I could customise, without having to worry about money wasted if it got wrecked during its makeover!

I considered a Tangkou doll which have the same cute appeal as Pullips but for a fraction of the price. But when Internet searching, I discovered that people are customising Monster High dolls. So, here is the lovely Twyla Thirteen Wishes doll that I bought…..



I think she is gorgeous, but she is going to have a little makeover! Her face will be removed, she will be given new glass eyes, new face and a new hair style. Of course, her new look wouldn’t be complete without some new clothes too!

So watch this space!

My fiancé thinks that I am having a midlife crisis. Perhaps he is right?!?

Lea. x


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